You've seen China's pollution. While it might look like something out of science fiction or a video game, the horrible air quality is very real. And according to a new report, it's deadly.

Chinese newspaper 21st Century Business Herald (via 47News) is reporting that in 2010, 1.23 million Chinese died due to air pollution in 2010. That accounts for roughly 15 percent of the deaths for that year. The data is from Tsinghua University, which is located in Beijing and is one of the country's top academic institutions.

According to researchers, people inhale microscopic, toxic particulate matter (PM), which can pass from the lungs into the bloodstream. As this site points out, this particulate matter is able to impact the body's immune system, and it can cause diseases and cancer. It can also lead to an early death.

A quarter of China is now covered in a haze containing toxic pollutants. This, 47 News points out, is impacting half of the country's entire population. Pollution related diseases are increasing 20 to 30 percent.


The study, it seems, was published to raise awareness about the country's pollution problem.

大気汚染で死亡123万人、中国 死者の15% [47News]

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