Chased By Bees Is My Favorite Hunger Games... Game, I Guess.

The next Hunger Games movie comes out tomorrow, so while we're all eagerly lining up for midnight showings, we can play Reliance Games' latest movie tie-in, The Hunger Games: Chased By Bees.


The iTunes listing for this game is actually Hunger Games: Catching Fire Frenum Run, which is odd because you never catch fire or pierce a frenum. Instead you run, from bees, as you do in the award-winning young adult book series.

How is the bee running? Better than Animal Crossing's bee running. I know, could barely bee-lieve it myself.


Is this the best Hunger Games video game ever? Sure. Why not?

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Why did you put the name as "Frenum Run"? Just to make me Google "Frenum" and see some pictures of dicks?

Also, this one is probably better:…

Also, do you think they just buy a Temple Run Template and drop some generic crap in to make this stuff?