New Indie Game Looks Like A Roguelike Doom

The PC gamer in me is being TWANGED by the look of this lovely first person shooter/Revolution Management hybrid Bunker Punks, probably because it appears to be a bit Doom II but in roguelike form.

Developers Ninja Robot Dinosaur say that this shoot-and-loot will have randomly generated levels so no one game will be the same, with multiple characters to play: a sharpshooter, Molly Pop, Null Point, a heavily armored force of nature, and a woman called Cleopatra Rex, which is sort of a cool name that floats my boat. I wonder if that’s her with the eyepatch. I’m jealous of her skirt.


The idea is that you’re a revolutionary, trying to high speed unload a clip into enemies whilst circle-strafing old school style. You grow your base by being a ruthless, efficient killer.

Also it is about sweet leather jackets as you can see in this dev screenshot:


You can level up and customize your weapons with pick ups, and you will also be able to purloin special abilities for your character. However: this game is about permadeath, so it’s debatable how long those abilities will last each game.

It’s coming to PC/Mac soon. There’s a charming devlog here on tumblr, but the official website is here.

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