Charli XCX's New Bop Is A Funny Flashback To The 90s

Screenshot: Charli XCX

2018 has been a pretty rough year. If you’re missing the good old days of AOL Instant Messenger, The Matrix and the iMac G3, check out this music video.

You might know Charli XCX from her smash hit “Boom Clap,” which was featured in the teenage misery porn movie The Fault In Our Stars, or from her electrifying album Pop 2. In her new song “1999" she teams up with Australian singer Troye Sivan, whose recent album Bloom has had rave reviews. Watch them dance their way through some eerily perfect recreations of late 90s pop culture touchstones and commercials:

I used to think I was immune to nostalgia-based entertainment, but watching Charli XCX and Troye Sivan dance together in a recreation of the first Sims game really did me in. I was barely 10 years old in 1999, so I know not to trust my memory of those times, but seeing a parody of a commercial for Surge did have me nodding along, wistfully. I can’t go back to how things felt when I was 10. I can, however, turn up whenever this song comes on.


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