Charity Is Nice, But So Are Massive Indie Paychecks

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The Humble Indie Bundle is a project aimed at not only selling a ton of quality indie PC games, but raising money for charity as well. And it's doing a very good job.


Wolfire Games' John Graham and Jeffrey Rosen (two of the organisers of the bundle) revealed today that the two bundles have so far raised a combined $3 million. Considering the levels of piracy surrounding the packs, along with the fact people could pay whatever they wanted for the games — even if it was $0.01 — that's quite an achievement.


Of that total, $1 million was split between two groups: the Child's Play charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. That's what will make people feel good, but I'm more intrigued by what happens to the other $2 million. Only a handful of indie developers have had their games featured in the bundle: to spit $2 million between them is one hell of a pay day.

You can read more on the details of the bundles, including piracy rates and how some people ended up "buying the bundle for strangers in need", below.

Humble Indie Bundle banks three million dollars, gives one million to charity [PC Gamer]

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Can't wait for the next bundle!

Speaking of which, has anybody ever beaten Revenge of the Titans? I started over like ten times, then I ended up saving for expensive research and lost in battles again because my towers weren't strong enough. ):