Charge Your Switch Every Six Months, Says Nintendo

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Image: Nintendo
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In what’s not only good advice for the Switch but electronics in general, Nintendo Support has reminded customers in Japan to recharge their game consoles.


Via tweet, Nintendo Support wrote that if left uncharged for a long period of time, the game console’s internal battery won’t be able to charge and thus will become unable to use. They add, “Please charge it once every six months.”

As our colleagues at Lifehacker previously pointed out, lithium-ion batteries do diminish over time. What’s more, letting the battery drain to zero is not beneficial for its longevity (check out this in-depth look at the lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries).

So please give your electronics some charging love!

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This can apply to over-charging for long periods of time as well(at least after some use and recharging)depending on the hardware. We really should get more effective, long-term rechargables in this day and age of smart phones and portable hardware