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CES 09: Your Source For Wii Knock-offs

Illustration for article titled CES 09: Your Source For Wii Knock-offs

There's a reason the Gaming Showcase at CES doesn't light the gaming world on fire. It's packed to its borders with subwoofer-filled seating designed for games and lame Chinese knock-offs, like the iSports.


Wii imitators, each of which is loaded with minimal effort games, aren't hard to come by at the Consumer Electronics Show. Typically, the method for making a Wii-like is ordering enough white plastic for your casing and designing a little boot for your plug-and-play games console to rest in vertically.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to go hands on with iSports and its suite of games — including Badmintoon, Sword of Warrior01, Beach Vollyball and Soccer 11 — but it looked like a blast. Maybe next year, when Sword of Warrior02 ships.

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Actually, the sad part is, it doesn't sound as bad as some real Wii games are.