CES 09: Sony Testing PSP As Multimedia Remote At CES

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Sony's CES booth holds promise for the wi-fi connected multimedia hound: a PSP that acts as a software remote for networked audio streams. While experimental and not yet confirmed for release, the software looks cool.


The PSP basically acts as a cheaper software remote for your Sony brand AV receiver. It would give users the option of browsing and controlling audio on a laptop steaming to the receiver, all via the PSP. The receiver unit on the show floor was, I believe, the STR-DA6400ES — one of the pricier home theater options Sony offers.

Currently, the interface follows the Xross Media Bar standard used in recent Sony products and, while it could use some massaging, it works.


No word on when or if Sony plans to release this little software perk to the public, but we'd guess expressing your interest in getting your hands on something like this wouldn't hurt.

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Nightshift Nurse

And this really illustrates the major problem with the PSP:

It's a brilliant device...in my own opinion the best handheld released to date. The upgradeable firmware alone allows for a myriad of features never envisioned when the system was launched. But good God Sony is slow to add said features.

Their approach with the PSP reminds me of that friend or relative with the grand plans or promises (we all have one) who always runs out of steam long before they can finish what they start.

I certainly hope if the rumored executive-level pruning occurs that John Koller is the first to go. Watching that man handle the PSP has been something akin to watching a retarded child trying to solve a puzzle behind six inches of soundproof glass.