Celeste's Upcoming Free DLC Closes Out The Story

In a surprise announcement, the folks behind Celeste revealed that the endearing puzzle-platformer will be getting some new content in just a few days. Chapter 9: Farewell will launch, appropriately, on September 9.


Celeste ended on an upbeat note and strawberry cake, but the developers weren’t ready to say goodbye to the world they shared with us last year. What started as a collection of extra levels soon became a new, final chapter for the game’s introspective narrative. Players have a lot to look forward to when the update drops next week, including 100 new levels and over 40 minutes of new music from composer Lena Raine, whose work on Celeste earned her several awards.

Chapter 9: Farewell will be available free of charge for all versions of Celeste next Monday, September 9, although the developers said that the Xbox One version might miss the launch and arrive a little later.

Staff Writer, Kotaku

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Arai-the fly on the wall

Call me old, but seems like twitch platforming is going to be the another casualty to the list of things I will never enjoy.

It’s not that I can’t do it. But rather I no longer have the patience for it.