The evening sky is overrated. Don’t go there for awesome fireworks. Look at these clips of video gaming’s best fireworks. We’ve got to start with Mario.

This post originally appeared July 4, 2015. It’s been edited to include Monster Hunter: World and Far Cry 5.

Fantavision, the PlayStation 2’s fireworks-gaming classic.

Final Fantasy XIII: Fireworks Edition

Boom Boom Rocket (Like DDR but with fireworks)

Big Bang Mini, an obscure one on the Nintendo DS.

Left 4 Dead? This seems wrong.

Assassin’s Creed II. Just the last bit of this clip.

Gran Turismo 5. Go figure.

Colonization (I love the name of this video: “Colonization Gameplay (SPOILER) - Video 18: INDEPENDENCE (End sequence)“ ... it’s like, spoiler: The British Empire loses!

Minecraft, of course.

Batman: Arkham Asylum. I forgot this game had any. Thanks, Giant Bomb, for your awesome fireworks-in-games list. I had to peek to remember this one.

Peggle. Well, Peggle hacked.

Animal Crossing.

Forza Horizon 2

Majora’s Mask, of course.

Hitman, at sunset in Paris, France.

Fallout 4, courtesy of the Contraptions Workshop DLC.

Monster Hunter: World.

Far Cry 5 gives you fireworks when you liberate outposts and areas, such as Holland Valley, below.