Cats Vs. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

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Screenshot: YouTube@DIY好きピエロと猫の日常ちゃんねる

Now that Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is out, people have a chance to see what it’s like first-hand. But they’re not alone. Cats do, too.


As noted on My Game News Flash, Twitter and YouTube users in Japan have started setting up circuits in places their cats have already claimed. Curious feline friends are slightly baffled by the little karts speeding around the floor, with the mini-kart’s camera recording it all.

Cats bring an unexpected element to the home circuit—or rather, if you own a cat, totally expected. The added cat curiosity certainly adds the “live” in Mario Kart Live!


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So uh, is nobody going to mention the faint reflection of Michal Meyers / Guy Fawkes hiding in the left side background of the top video? Did we all just accidentally watch a modern The Ring-level YouTube vid?