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With the right tools, you can capture some of Fallout 4's most fearsome foes and use them for your amusement in the Wasteland Workshop DLC, out today for $4.99.

Almost anything can be captured, too. Looking through the available cages, I saw options for things like cats, Raiders, Yao Guais, and everything in between.


Putting up a cage is as easy as building something in a settlement. As FluffyNinjaLlama walks us through here, once up, players can expect to catch something within a week. Do note, you’ll also need to plop down a beta wave emitter to make sure the creature isn’t hostile once you open the cage:

Hilariously, you can even command a captured Deathclaw to guard your settlements.

If you do allow for hostility, you can actually set up some arena fights between different creatures, or perhaps between your settlers and your captured monsters. The opportunity for cruelty is high here, and I have no doubt some of you will get very creative with all of this, ha.

If you watched the original Wasteland Workshop Deathclaw, perhaps you recall that Bethesda flashed some footage of an arena fight between Preston and a Deathclaw. Amazingly, YouTuber FluffyNinjaLlama recreated that exact scene, down to the exact placement of the neon signs, and watched the battle unfold thusly:

I never took you for a cheater Preston, damn!

Finally, if you’d just like to take a look at the new options Wasteland Workshop opens up, here’s a video showcasing all of the new items you can build with it:

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