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The game about putting food out to attract stray cats is getting the live-action movie treatment in Japan. As long as the real cats receive adorable little x-shaped buttholes in post-production, how can a Neko Atsume movie possibly fail?

Produced by MediAnd and directed by Masatoshi Kurakata, the live-action version of Hit-Point’s stupidly addictive cat collection game (via Siliconera) tells the story of a successful young author with a terrible case of writer’s block. Katsu Sakumoto (Atsushi Ito) moves to the country in order to find inspiration, but instead finds a random cat that appears in his garden. Katsu starts leaving out food, and the rest is rainbows and x-shaped CG cat anuses, probably.


I’m 100 percent behind any movie starring cats, as long as none of them are voiced by Kevin Spacey.

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