Cat Doesn't Know Why It Keeps Playing Destiny Either

This feline is experiencing exactly the same compulsion I feel whenever Destiny comes on the screen.


Destiny isn't a great game, but man Destiny is a great game. The story is all over the place when it's there at all and the post-20 leveling mechanic is just plain odd, but no game this year grabs me quite so strongly. I can't even load it up to check server status for a co-worker without running a few quick missions.

As the cat in the video below proves, that compulsion extends to the menu system as well.

Then again, ahappyfry's Bungie profile quote is "smoke w33d everyday", so maybe the cat's just stoned.



Destiny for many is like compulsive gambling. You know it's bad, you're losing big time so often, the rewards are few and far between, and ultimately you could be spending your time with much better activities...

... And yet you keep going back.

See also: my past three girlfriends.