Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Sequel In The Works

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With last week's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow pulling in pretty solid reviews, the composer of the game's score outs a sequel already under construction at developer MercurySteam.


Oscar Arujo composed the aggressive soundtrack for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Spanish developer MercurySteam's 3D take on the long-running Konami franchise. Speaking to Spanish radio, the composer teased listeners with news of a second game.

Oscar Araujo, composer of the game's soundtrack, jovially broke the news to Spanish radio. He said, "If you liked the first [game], hope that the second is even more spectacular," Eurogamer Spain reported.

While a big-name title getting a sequel generally isn't all that surprising, the track record of 3D Castlevania games hasn't been all that stellar.

Until now, that is.

Castlevania: LOS sequel confirmed [Eurogamer]



after about 2 hours into the game I decided to return it to Gamefly. Its decent, but really needed another few months in the polish machine. It was disappointing :(

looks pretty though!