Cash Or Schoolgirl-Covered Credit?

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Why get a boring old credit card, when you can get a really interesting one that probably says more about you than anyone really wants to know?


Love Plus, Konami's love simulator, is the latest otaku favorite to get its own credit card, which you can flash for big purchases — you know, expensive hug pillow covers and pricey plastic figurines.

This is just one of many otaku-themed credit cards for Japan. Previously, Gundam, THE iDOLM@STER and anime Lucky Star were immortalized in plastic. Why?


Because Visa is everywhere you want to be, even if that's hanging out with the girls from Love Plus.

The game was originally released on the Nintendo DS, but since has spun off manga and an arcade title. Konami created an entire division devoted to this series, and it is currently working on a 3DS title.

買い物もカノジョと一緒、「ラブプラスVISAカード」会員募集開始 [インサイド]

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You know,

there's nothing really unique about this. Capitalone Credit here in the USA lets you upload whatever picture you want and they will special order the printing for you. The US runs on credit, so they will do anything to get a card in your hands.

I tire of hearing about lonely 40 year old Japanese men and cartoon fantasy girls. It gets quite fucking annoying. I'm finding it harder and harder to believe that Japan used to be a country of disciplined supreme warlords who were relentless in battle. Seems like a land of sissies now...