Car Races Are More Fun When Tanks and RPGs Are Involved

I mean, look at all the pretty explosions you get as a result! Granted, one RPG carrier's shot gets thwarted in this Battlefield 3 machinima, but you have to imagine that a few went through, what with all the previously noted pretty explosions.


BF3 Death Race | Producer - Mr Kees de Koning , Co-Producer Ekky [YouTube via AmazingFilms247]


My friends and I love doing this stuff. Grab the buggies on Gulf of Oman and just drive around while the enemy helicopter tries shooting us.

Also, on Laguna Presa on Bad Company 2, we would take the IFV and have a person park it in the water, then use it as a ramp. So much fun doing flips off it while the enemy IFV tries shooting us.