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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Captured Tiger

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Captured Tiger | His season ended when he missed the cut at the PGA Championship three weeks ago, so Tiger Woods is on the virtual links instead, doing motion-capture work for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 (Photo by brerwolfe/Flickr)


How You'll 'Connect' to Others in Call of Duty Elite

Activision's social network and stat-tracking service for the Call of Duty enthusiast, Call of Duty Elite, may become your preferred way to meet and play against your fellow first-person shooter fans. It does a whole lot more, but let's take a look at what Elite's Connect feature suite is all about. More »


Exhaustion Breeds Quality in the Dragon Con Day Two Cosplay Gallery

Behold the glory of Captains America, a hungry Umbrella employee, Catwoman-ish, upskirt Kratos, the world's greatest Ash cosplay, and a few very special guests. More »

Are Sports Video Games Worth Reviewing Any More?

Earlier this week I got several versions of a small talk question I always field this time of year: "I haven't played Madden in X years. Should I buy it this year?" To me, that's no longer even a relevant question for this or for any sports video game. The real question, and its answer, make me wonder if they are worth reviewing any more. More »


We're Betting that Slavery: The Game is an Elaborate Troll

My guess is that, 10 seconds after Microsoft and Sony are made aware that their corporate symbols are endorsing a fake slavery RTS, seen at the end of this fake trailer, this offensive piece of attention-whoring is going to be abolished from YouTube. More »


Cumming Mom Vows Only to Buy New After Finding Dick Pic in Used Game

From Georgia, uh, comes the most pernicious piece of anti-used games propaganda I've ever seen. A mother of two small children says she will from now on buy new games because she found a hand-drawn pornographic picture inserted in the case of a used one bought at GameStop. The kicker? This all went down on in a town called "Cumming." More »


Poorly-Dubbed Trailer Lands Uncharted 3 in Trouble with Brazilians

As English-speakers, we take for granted a lot of things: One, that every game will either be originally published in our language or localized for it (and woe betide those that aren't...) Two: That the voice acting, if incompetent, will at least sound poorly acted and not read off a page. More »


I'm headed home Tuesday night for my 20th high school reunion on Saturday. There will be people there I haven't seen since our graduation night. I fly out the next day. The last time I was scheduled to fly on Sept. 11? 2001. –Owen Good

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