Capcom's Quickest Hit...Ever?

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Earlier this month, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd went on sale in Japan, and oodles and oodles of people bought it. The game is a smash, and Capcom says it's the company's fastest selling title ever.


Shipping 3 million units, Capcom says that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd brings the series' sold tally to 16 million. That's...a lot! What's more, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is also the fastest selling PSP game. Ever.


Does Japan like Monster Hunter? Oh yes. Does the PSP like Monster Hunter? No, it loves it.


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How are these games so popular? Honest question.

I've played a few minutes of Tri on the Wii, and they seem like really boring action RPGs. Sure, the monsters look cool when they're roaring at you and stuff in the cutscene, but when you clunkily run over there and start whacking on them, they just kind of sit there and don't seem to react at all, lethargically attacking as an afterthought, almost.

Is there something I'm missing by not playing deeper into the game? I'm not above popping it back into the Wii and giving it a second shot :)