Capcom's Next Wii Original Learning From Mistake Of Last One

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As promising as Capcom's upcoming Wii game Spyborgs is, it runs the risk of suffering the fate of the company's last Wii original. But Capcom thinks it figured out what went wrong last time.


Spyborgs, the impressively-rendered co-op brawler created by Bionic Games for the Wii, gives a good first impression. It looks better than most Wii games and plays well.

The same things could have been said about 2007's puzzle-based treasure-hunting game, Zack & Wiki. It looked great. It played well. It wasn't a hit.

How to avoid that history repeating itself?

Just hours ago, as we wrapped up a two-person co-op run through the same levels Kotaku chief Crecente played in Monte Carlo, the game's senior producer, Daryl Allison told me what lesson Capcom had learned:

The struggle for Zack & Wiki, Allison said, was that "the art style made the game come across as a kids' game, but it played like more of an adult's game." The graphics were silly; the gameplay complex.

Spyborgs is going for a teen market (but I enjoyed it, ok?) and therefore pushing a more all-ages Pixar style.


If this is already more than you're used to reading about graphics for a Wii game, that's no accident. Graphics are important to this Wii game. Allison said the team's philosophy is that: "If we can be compared with the God of Wars and Devil May Crys then we have to look that good. There's no excuses."

Spyborgs will be out for the Wii later this year. And, if all goes well, it will look not just like it plays, but as good as it's supposed to play. That, perhaps, is doing a Wii game right.



i really hope this is as fun as old beat em ups were. capcom's name is synonymous with some of the greatest beat em up expriences out there.

alot of the games people put the beat em up tag on these days arent really beat em ups. theyre more like "3d action." its kinda like how lost odyssey, last remnant, infinite undiscovery and a few other recent games are "jrpgs" but lack the magic of the older jrpgs. and also, god of war and devil may cry arent beat em ups in the first place.. more like their weapon based cousins... hack and slash.

batman arkham asylum captures quite a bit of that old school feel, the only problem is the inability to pick up anything and use it as a weapon, or smash random items in the environment. oh, and co-op.. which is one of the biggest reasons im stoked for this.

also, zack and wiki didnt sell because adventure games are too niche.. i really dont think the graphics had anything to do with it. i found the art direction rather exciting, and think the game would have lacked a bit of its charm without it. one of my favorite games for the wii, and it actually made me go back and play snatcher and policenauts. good stuff.