Capcom's iTunes Fire Sale

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Capcom has a fire sale going on for nearly a dozen of their iPhone games, dropping the price to a penny shy of a dollar.

Here's a break down of all of the games currently selling for $.99 each:

* Street Fighter 4
* CAPCOM Arcade (in-app purchase game machines)
* Dead Rising Mobile
* Devil May Cry 4 refrain
* Phoenix Wright
* Resident Evil 4
* Resident Evil 4 iPad edition
* Mega Man II
* Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2011


Lots of worthy titles on that list if you're in the market for some Capcom fun on the go.

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Can someone tell me why Capcom will sell SF IV on the iphone for .99 but I have to pay $49.99 on the 3DS in a few weeks? Or hell I have to pay 39.99 on the consoles right now, and 59.99 for MvC3 next week. Seriously, it makes the legitimate games that need to cost that much look like they are ripping us off.