Capcom's Fight Club Goes Down South

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Capcom has completed testing its Fight Club events in the western and northern U.S. and is ready to bring Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 to where the real fighters live - Atlanta, Georgia.

After getting a taste of what Chicago had to offer last month, Capcom takes the Fight Club show down south to my own stomping grounds of Atlanta. The location is still a secret, but we've got a date and time: Thursday, October 28 from 8 to 11PM.


According to Capcom's post about the event, there will be more security, organization, and ventilation than the Chicago event.

And 100% more Michael Fahey.

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Just watched Fight Club recently.

Even though I dislike nihilism, I could not believe how good this movie was.

It's probably because I expected it to be a cheesy boxing film... and it turned out to be something totally different.

A pleasant surprise, more or less.