Capcom Ups Resident Evil 5 Sales Targets

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When it was still supposed to be shipping in 2008, Capcom forecast that Resident Evil 5 would ship 2.3 million copies in the year. Now that it's been pushed back to 2009, though, things are looking up! Producer Jun Takeichi has said that while he hopes the game sells 2 million at the "low end of the scale", he's really hoping the game does closer to 3 million, because "users in Europe and America will be particularly pleased with the game's content". Jun, users everywhere are pleased by zombie dirt bikes. Developer Interview [Capcom]


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I wish for nothign but the best for Capcom's Resident Evil series. Just remember we Wii (pun not intended) owners also liek to get our zombie fix. "Dead Rising" better not be the last game using the RE4 engine.