Capcom Up For More Hollywood Adaptations

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Capcom is going Hollywood crazy! The Osaka-based publisher is casting a keen eye on the movie business, hoping to get more of its IPs into moving pictures. According to Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto:

We are in the process of working out contracts for several offers we received at the Cannes Film Festival last week and hope to make an announcement soon... If realized, the projects will have a big impact on the game and movie industries... We want to do with games what Marvel did with comics.


Best of luck with that!

Capcom In Talks [Bloomberg via Go Nintendo] [Pic]

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Tim Rogers

Hopefully they'll start hiring some actual professional actors to voice their games!

And have the translations of scripts for games in Major World-Class Franchises written by people whose resumes include something a little more interesting than "twelve years experience translating stereo instruction manuals".