Capcom Sales Up, Put Rough Window On SFIV Release

Capcom released its financial statement today, revealing a 14.5 percent increase in net sales and a 110.8 percent increase in net income with compared to Q1 last year. According to the release, the weaker yen meant a foreign exchange gain of ¥840 million — "a significant boost to ordinary income." Net sales for home console games were up 31.5 percent in comparison to the previous year's Q1. Game sales were powered by the Monster Hunter Freedom 2ndG phenomenon, which has shipped 2.48 million units as of July 2008 in Japan and Asia.

In the next quarter of this financial year, Capcom has no plans to launch any major titles. According to insiders however, Capcom said in a conference call today that it did plan to launch Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the third quarter of this financial year, which would make it a holiday release (this Thanksgiving in the US?). Nothing has been confirmed, but that would make sense as Resident Evil 5 launches in March 2009.


Capcom did provide its sales target for upcoming titles. Resident Evil 5 is expected to move 2.3 units, SFIV is expected to move 1.7 million, Bionic Commando 1.5 million units and Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop 0.5 million units.

Capcom also reports that arcade operations were up 6.5 percent, while arcade game sales were up 47 percent. However, as Capcom states: "Arcades in shopping centers had a particularly difficult time because of the rising popularity games for home video games and escalating gasoline price." Imagine that means the Japanese suburban arcade scene isn't exactly hopping. Between April and June 2008, one Capcom arcade was opened and zero were closed. The arcade division was in the red due to heavy development costs and the lack of new releases. "Card game sales to arcade game machines are running somewhat above plan," Capcom added.

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