Capcom Keeps Resident Evil Film Director In The Dark

Paul W.S. Anderson is responsible for bringing Resident Evil to the silver screen. He writes, produces and/or directs the films. You'd think someone like that would have the inside track on the games. Nope.

"Talking to Capcom, Capcom's so funny," the filmmaker tells website "It's like every time I go to Japan and meet Capcom it is like going to see the Umbrella Corporation because you ask them things and they won't give you a straight answer about anything."


(And you wonder why the movies are so different from the games!)

"It's like I kind of knew they would tell me that Wesker was in the game, kind of, but they would never really confirm it," he adds. "Then, sure enough, he was the main villain and he was the main villain in the movie as well."

There were other kwinky-dinks as well. "Completely by coincidence, a large chunk of this movie takes place on a big ship and there was the ship from Resident Evil 5," he says. We had the dogs in already. We have an awful lot of stuff that they had already kinda put into Resident Evil 5."

What Anderson then did was go through the game and make sure it was "more in line" with the imagery from Resident Evil 5, because he thought the title was fantastic. "I mean," he says, "I thought it kind of reinvented the video game franchise and I wanted to take a lot of it, frankly kind of like, steal from it and put it in the movie."


Evil Days Are Here Again for Paul W.S. Anderson [] [Pic]

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