Capcom: Japan Has No Hope In Hell Unless...

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When Osaka-based Capcom isn't making popular video games, it is doing something else entirely: ragging on the Japanese game industry.


Last September at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom exec and Mega-Man designer Keiji Inafune declared the country's game industry "finished".

Now it's Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi's turn. "If the Japanese games industry doesn't evolve and simply maintains its current status quo, I really don't think we have a hope in hell," he recently told publication Xbox 360 World.

"Drastically innovative ideas are needed — and quickly — to equal or exceed the Western games industry."

Everyone gets so down on the Japanese game industry, but forgets one very important point: Nintendo is a Japanese video game company, and it has tons of ideas (some very good, some very bad). Regardless, that company has been pretty successful!

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I've been thinking real hard, and the only current-gen, Japanese AAA game that really resonated with me was Street Fighter IV/SSFIV. The only other thing that even came close was MGS4, which I passed on. Everything else was Western.

I think it's pretty bad that a fighter was the only game to catch my attention. Until the Japanese can put something out that rivals Uncharted 2 and Arkham Asylum, they won't get much of my cash.

Interestingly, even though I don't own a Wii, I'm somewhat interested in playing Galaxy and Galaxy 2, but only for nostalgia's sake. The Mario series has a history of quality, and the reviews are good, but Mario can't stand next to Nathan Drake, Batman, the Prince (of Persia) or even the protagonist of Fable. It's a light-hearted diversion, nothing more...and still hasn't motivated me to buy a Wii. Probably never will.