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I think Sony's PSN could use some more PSone downloadables. I'm glad to see Capcom agrees with me.


John Diamonon from Capcom writes on the Playstation Blog:

"So what’s in store for 09? Well, I’m working with Grace and Ro at SCEA to come up with some innovative ways we can offer games and programs on the PlayStation Store. You can expect to see a whole slew of downloadable PSP and PSone titles from our vault next year."


Hopefully that means we'll get some goddamn Mega Man Legends. Breath of Fire III would be nice, too. If want to speculate about which PSone games they'll be re-releasing, I conveniently put the list of games for you after the jump.

List via Wikipedia

* Bounty Hunter Sara
* Bounty Hunter Sarah
* Breath of Fire III
* Breath of Fire IV
* Buster Bros. Collection
* Capcom Generation 1
* Capcom Generation 2
* Capcom Generation 3
* Capcom Generation 4
* Capcom Generation 5
* Capcom vs. SNK Pro
* Captain Commando
* Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness
* Darkstalkers
* DarkStalkers 3
* Dino Crisis (also on Dreamcast; sequels available on PlayStation and Xbox)
* Dino Crisis 2
* Fox Hunt
* Fushigi Keiji
* Gaia Master
* JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (PlayStation port of "JoJo's Venture")
* Magical Tetris Challenge
* Marvel Super Heroes
* Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
* Marvel vs. Capcom
* Mega Man 8 Anniversary Collector's Edition
* Mega Man Legends (also on Nintendo 64 as Mega Man 64)
* Mega Man Legends 2
* Mega Man X3
* Mega Man X4
* Mega Man X5
* Mega Man X6
* One Piece Mansion
* Pocket Fighter
* Puzzle Fighter
* Resident Evil (also on Sega Saturn; sequels on Game Boy, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and GameCube)
* Resident Evil 2
* Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition
* Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
* Resident Evil: Director's Cut
* Resident Evil: Survivor
* Rival Schools: United By Fate
* Rockman Complete Works
* Rockman Battle & Chase
* Shichisei Toushin: Guyferd
* Shiritsu Justice Gakuen Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2
* Star Gladiator (sequel, Plasma Sword, available on Dreamcast)
* Startling Adventures: Kuusou Daibouken X 3
* Street Fighter Alpha (also on arcade, Sega Saturn, and Game Boy; sequels on arcade, SNES, PlayStation, Dreamcast, and Game Boy Advance)
* Street Fighter Alpha 2
* Street Fighter Alpha 3
* Street Fighter Collection
* Street Fighter Collection 2
* Street Fighter EX Alpha
* Street Fighter EX 2 Plus
* Street Fighter II Movie
* Street Fighter Zero 2
* Street Fighter: The Movie
* Strider 2
* Super Adventure Rockman
* Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
* Suzumo no Gatari
* The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
* Trick'N Snowboarder
* Wonder 3
* X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Happy Holidays from Capcom… and a Special Surprise

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