We know. It's hard. Street Fighter IV is out in Japan, and it's not out everywhere else, and that just burns you up inside. So tons of determined/cashed up enthusiasts across the world have been importing the game boards directly from Japan, despite the fact those boards won't be officially supported. They break, you're screwed. Adding to the weight on the importer's shoulders today is this gentle reminder from Capcom that not only is importing a SFIV board risky business, it's technically illegal. Capcom's Chris Kramer:

Technically, what they are doing is illegal and could get them in legal trouble from both Capcom and several different branches of the federal government.

Before you go burying your local arcade's SFIV board and burning the evidence, know that he's basically saying it's jaywalking illegal, not baby-murdering-illegal.

I think people running operations like that run a greater risk of getting into trouble with the federal government than with Capcom. But there would be precedence if we chose to [prosecute]...Officially, we would not ever encourage the gray market import of our products.

Capcom USA are doing a fairly good job of walking a fine line here. Hold back on the "it's illegal/unsupported" talk and they'll appear reckless to Capcom Japan. Go a little heavy on the "it's illegal" talk and they'll only piss off die-hard fans who can't quite believe it'll take over 6 months for the game to be out in the West. Capcom: Beware Street Fighter IV "Gray Market" [Edge]