Capcom Explain R4 Lawsuit Participation

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In case you missed it, Nintendo and 54 other companies are engaged in a legal battle against the forces of evil. Evil being the R4 cart for the DS. One of those 54 other companies is Capcom, and in a conference call they explained the reason behind their participation in the suit:

There are companies that sell downloads without any license in the U.S.A., while a considerable number of pirated copies of game software are available in the Chinese market. In response to these situations, this lawsuit took the initiative for the whole industry in terms of taking countermeasures. It does not necessarily have a great effect at this stage, but we intend to send a wake-up call to such companies in the future.

That last line's interesting. Particularly if you're involved with the R4 - or other similar devices - and your boots were previously shaking. Their heart's not really in it! [Capcom]

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I just love that everyone has bought into the notion that the term "Piracy" is a legitimate analogy to the act of copying bits - that's a series of ons and offs folks. The industry should recognize its success at framing the argument and amp up the rhetoric - I suggest "Data Rape", or perhaps "Bit Sodomy". You Sodomists are killing gaming!

Bottom line is, a DS flash cart, of whatever flavor, turns a fun little handheld game gizmo into a semi-powerful portable computer at a ridiculously low cost. The irony is that nobody, especially not Nintendo, seem to have noticed this fact...or care to. More to the point, flash carts make the DS a better DS - do I wanna mess with a bunch of fragile little carts or have one that never leaves the slot? Difficult choice?

As to whether or not this is a legitimate "backup" - if I lose a cart, or it gets damaged, or it just stops working, will Nintendo or Capcom gladly give me a new one?