Capcom Delays "Versus" Resident Evil 5 DLC

Illustration for article titled Capcom Delays "Versus" Resident Evil 5 DLC

Capcom has announced that the "Versus Mode" DLC for Resident Evil 5 has been delayed. The mode pits players against each other in a contest of survival, according to Capcom.


Earlier this month, Capcom announced that this mode would be coming in the coming weeks; however, it apparently had a release date for Japan: March 26.

Due to issues that still need ironing out, the Versus Mode DLC will now be out April 9 according to Capcom's Japanese notice. The Versus mode will cost $5 on the Playstation Network and 400 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360.

"We deeply apologize to those customers who have been waiting for this downloadable content," Capcom states.

Thanks, The Woo!


Never going to buy this crap. Should have been on the disc Capcom!