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Capcom's Chief Financial Officer, Kazuhiko Abe, has offered a glimmer of hope for Wii owners hoping to some day see a downgraded release of PS3 and 360 games on the system.


While highlighting stronger-than-expected sales of Resident Evil 5, Abe says "We have not decided whether we are doing it or not doing it". "It" being releasing 360 & PS3 games on the Wii. Not decided?

He follows that with "Up until now, after releasing our PS3 and Xbox 360 games, we have brought them to the Wii. Basically, this is the approach we are considering taking."


In other words, Dead Rising Wii was just the start, and we could well be seeing Wii versions of other recent Capcom titles, like Resident Evil 5. Promising! So long as he means Resident Evil 5. And not a guided African survival horror experience based loosely around the characters and events of Resident Evil 5.

カプコン<9697.T>、2010年3月期の「バイオハザード5」販売が計画の80万本を上回る可能性=常務 [Reuters]

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