Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 5 Controls Change

A big gripe for some Western players about Resident Evil 5 is that the game uses RE4's controls. Those feel, critics say, dated in all the recent advancements in how players interact with gamers. No wonder, while at E3, Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi hinted that Resident Evil 5 would be getting a revamped control scheme, going as far to say: "So don't be surprised if at the Tokyo Game Show, the controls are different... I'm not confirming or denying anything, but we like to surprise people." After the Microsoft Media Briefing, Takeuchi confirmed that RE5's new controls will be on the TGS showroom floor. While he didn't go into any great detail about the changes, he did refer to them as "Gears-like" controls. We've been hearing rumblings that the new controls will bring run-and-gun style play to Resident Evil — quite a big change for the traditional walk-stop-shoot RE approach. [Pic]



I feel in the minority by saying this, but I really like (yes, as in presently) the controls for RE4. They just seemed to fit perfectly and be the perfect balance between the earlier RE games (shit, I can't see what I'm shooting at) and more modern shoot-em-ups, a la Gears.

Half of being scared in the original RE games was not knowing what was around the corner or knowing EXACTLY what was around the corner simply because of a mirror. Making Resident Evil into a run-and-gun is not doing it any service, it's killing the last thing that made it a scary game.