Capcom Charges Money for Cheat Codes

Aww, I thought we were done with this, publishers? Charging for cheat codes was the craze sweeping the nation in 2007-2009, until even EA, who helped start the trend, realised it was a little beyond the pale. Guess Capcom never got that memo!

The Japanese publisher has released a piece of downloadable content for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record called the "GameBreaker pack".


It adds exclusive features like a god mode, big heads and infinite weapon longevity. Or, you know, stuff that used to be easily accessible in a cheat code.

If you know someone who even thinks about buying this, take their wallets, and don't give them back until they promise to wise up. And if you know someone at Capcom involved in this kind of business, give them a very disapproving look.

Capcom charges real money for Dead Rising 2: OTR cheats [CVG]

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