Dubbed the "Study Cube," this wooden box allows you or someone you love to buckle down and study, study, study. And when they are tired of studying, they can study some more.

Or they can stare at the frosted window in front of them. Or gaze out the window on the door... Or think about their life...

And don't worry about staying in the box too long—there's ventilation! And extra bookshelves!

The Study Cube has been out in South Korea for over a year, and it does resemble a sound-proof room Yamaha released a few years back. And like that Yamaha room, the Study Cube doesn't look to be a mainstay of Korean houses (so don't assume that it is!).

Wouldn't you like a study box of your own?

If so, the Study Cube comes in two different styles and is priced at 2.35 million won ($2,164).

Look how proud you'll make everyone!

Study Cube [Newtgv via 2ch]

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