Candy Box, The Best Game To Sneakily Play At Work, Just Got A Sequel

Sure, I love playing Cookie Clicker at work, but that love began with Candy Box. It starts so simply, just a handful of candies and two buttons, then turns into a genuine RPG. The sequel more than lives up to the original, and you need to check it out.


The video up above should give you a good idea of what the game is like, but I left out spoilers and answers to certain puzzles so that you can have the experience for yourself. Go play it. Just one click. It'll be fun.


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Speaking of free online games that Kotaku has mentioned, I have been trying to find a game they mentioned before. You were a female monk, and had to go thru turn based rpg battles in 1st person world (controlled kind of like a 1st person roguelike game). You started out in the monastery, and then went through a short path in the woods to get to a town.

Does anybody know the name of that game?