Can you name all the League of Legends champions above? Turned into 8-bit characters by digital artist Reversesquats, this roster-demake rather resembles Mega Man or Final Fantasy characters from the NES-era than a current-day MOBA.

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Lucy, Mary, Kerry, Geoff, Righteous Abe, Dave from the bookstore, Arabella, Linda, Norris, Boris, George, Bob, Dan "The Man", Elise Van Twinklefart, Moxy "NOT Moxxi", Clint, Torpedo Terry from Tunisia, Alice from accounting, Richard, Dan "The Plan", Chris the Baptist, Jerry the Jew, Lauren, Chopper Bob, Trooper, James, Belinda, Crazy Clive, The Notorious S.M.A.L.L., Cosplay Frank, his brother Cosplay Mike, Dougal "Billy" Connolly, Logan, Daphne, Celeste, Lolli, Ringo, Vincent, Saffron, Chardonnay, Rizzle, Myfanwy, Vin Petrol, "Quiet" Claire, Norman the Ninja Postman, Louis, and Master Yi.