Can You Guess Which Of These Bioshock Infinite Influences Are Legit?

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I love reading about what sorts of things influence people. I don't know if I'd ever truly understand or approach genius myself, but the next best thing is to look at the things that inspire it. Then I can only wonder how people can take such random, disparate things and make them into art. It's fascinating.


Recently, Ken Levine spoke to Wired about Bioshock Infinite. Levine revealed a number of interesting things that have in some way or another influenced Infinite. I wouldn't have guessed most of the things Levine listed.

Let's see if you can. Here's a game that asks you to determine which thing may or may not have influenced Bioshock Infinite. Answers will be provided at the end! Maybe you'll be surprised too, but mind: this doesn't include all the things Levine mentions.

1) Slip N' Slides OR Roller coasters?

2) Glee OR My Little Pony?

3) The presidential assassination of John F. Kennedy OR The presidential administration of William McKinley?

4) The Spanish- American war OR The Wars of the Roses?

5) Honey Boo Boo OR The Legend of Korra?

6) Nikola Tesla OR Eugene V. Debs?

7) Emma Goldman OR Ayn Rand?

8) It's a Wonderful Life OR Casablanca?

9) Back to the Future OR The Shining?

10) The "No, I am your father" scene in The Empire Strikes Back OR The chest-bursting scene in Alien?


11) X-Men OR Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

12) The sun reflecting off a metal mailbox during a jog on a sunny day OR The feel of a fall leaf crunching?


Answers (Don't Cheat!)

1: Roller coasters, 2: Glee, 3: The presidential administration of William McKinley, 4: The Spanish-American war, 5: Trick question, neither, 6: Eugene V. Debs, 7: Emma Goldman, 8: It's A Wonderful Life, 9: Trick question, both, 10: Chest-bursting scene, 11: X-Men, 12: Sun reflecting off a metal mailbox


The rest of the article delves into the (overly?) ambitious scope of Bioshock Infinite, and it's definitely worth a read. The real question, though, is: how'd you score?

Why BioShock Infinite‘s Creator Won't Settle for Success [Wired]



I'm getting a strong feeling of Overrated regarding Bioshock Infinite, to be followed by Disappointment in 2013.

I'm not saying it'll be a bad game, but I just don't see why the hype level has been so high for this game. Bioshock was a good (not great) shooter that took place in an awesomely conceived world. I think this one will likewise be good, but the world it takes place in as I've seen it just doesn't do much for me.