Can Someone Explain this PS Vita Ad to Me?

Sony, never one to release straight-forward ads, is at it again with the PS Vita's debut commercial. Honestly, I don't understand it.


The screens flashes 12.17, which is Dec. 17, which is when the Vita launches in Japan. That I get. That, however, is just the beginning.

There's a guy on a bike. Okay, I understand that. Shadow blocks move—perhaps an allusion to the handheld's AR tech?


Then, the ground says "PS Vita". Likewise, I can wrap my head around that.

The screen reads ゲームの未来が変わる or "The future of games will change". This, too, I comprehend. The PS Vita will change the future of video games.

But add all of it together, and it doesn't quite suss out. Someone care to explain it to me? Thanks!

PlayStation VITA CM [YouTube]

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I think this is a trailer for an advert to be released at a later date.

I'm giving them two weeks.