The Christian set has a message-filled, re-skinned doppelganger of almost every form of entertainment these days. The most recent, relevant to our interests? Guitar Praise: Solid Rock, the Guitar Hero knockoff with a positive message from Digital Praise, maker of all things fun and biblically inspired. And while Christian targeted games are nothing new — see Left Behind: Eternal Forces, Bible Adventures and Catechumen — there are some genres that escape its influence. The sandbox style crime spree, for example, popularized by Grand Theft Auto. MTV Multiplayer asked the CEO of Digital Praise Tom Bean just how feasible a project that might be. "It comes down to what kind of things do you want to do in that world," Bean says, noting that the developer has designs on such a thing, "But creating those kinds of games is not inexpensive." We say go for it, Tom, but lets do this Crusades-style. Keep it fun. ‘Guitar Praise’ Developer Ponders Christian ‘Grand Theft Auto’ [MTV Multiplayer]