Can a 3DS Survive a Four-Foot Drop?

Nintendo has a reputation for - the odd dodgy hinge aside - building sturdy, reliable hardware. As you'd expect, given the battery of tests they put their handheld systems through.

But that's lab science. What about the real world? This series of tests, dropping a retail 3DS onto concrete from various heights, sets out to check on the system's sturdiness in more realistic conditions.


They were done by the same guys who made a PS Vita square off against a road, and this clip is no less entertaining.

UPDATE - While the chart shows six-feet, they only ever drop it from four. Headline changed!

Drop Test: 3DS XL [Gizmoslip]

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-I've had my to send my Wii in 3 times, twice for a faulty fan, and another for a faulty eject button.

-Wii controllers, break ALL the time. When I first got mine, one controller literally had the D-Pad broken right out of the box. I've had two that just randomly turn off with full battery. 1 where the A button doesn't respond 1/4 of the time.

-Don't even get me started on the Lites. Yeah they sure were lite! A FLICK, literally a flick cracked my lite screen. And it's not an isolated incident, those screens are fragile as a mother. I would go as for as to say the 3DSs are of similar quality.

The DS Phat was the last sturdy piece of hard Nintendo ever produced, regardless of some faulty hinge some experienced. That thing took so much damage of the years. It fell out of my pocket while going downhill on a bike, I've probably stepped on it. Hell, I may have even thrown it out of anger. Never broke. Now Nintendo just has too much of a focus on being cheap and lite. -.-