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Call of Duty: WWII Sure Is Looking Festive These Days

Illustration for article titled iCall of Duty: WWII/i Sure Is Looking Festive These Days

Christmas came early to Call of Duty: WWII. Activision launched the Winter Siege event on December 8, letting soldiers toss around snow globes and enjoy a little holiday R&R.


The event brought new content and festive décor to the Headquarters, Call of Duty: WWII’s social space. Lights are strung all around, and constant snow flurries add to the seasonal impact. A Christmas tree sits right in front of the Quartermaster, so you can purchase some Supply Drops to open by the tree like every day is Christmas morning.

In addition to your standard Supply Drops, there are white Winter Siege Supply Drops that guarantee at least one seasonal item—an ice pick melee weapon, a fancy white uniform that’s perfect for snow maps, or just some crappy emblems and decorative pistol grips that don’t fit the winter theme at all.

Illustration for article titled iCall of Duty: WWII/i Sure Is Looking Festive These Days

Sledgehammer Games has replaced the Gridiron balls in the Headquarters with snow globes. A glass globe may sound like a fragile choice for a game of toss with friends, but these won’t break if you drop them.

Even the Firing Range received a festive upgrade, with fireworks and confetti shooting in the air every time you successfully toss a grenade into a tire. I’m not sure how this change fits into the winter theme, but it’s pretty to watch!

The Christmas décor will stick around until the Winter Siege event concludes on January 2, so enjoy the snow while it lasts. Now… what will they do for Valentine’s Day?

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I Love Big TDs

What will the setting be next year? The movement craze seems to have withered and died.

Vietnam, maybe? Korea? 80s alt history?