Call Of Duty Warzone's Big Trucks Have Become A Popular (And Annoying) Way To Win

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Screenshot: Activision

Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us a convoy.

Call of Duty Warzone’s current solo meta has become dominated by players driving around in cargo trucks, also known as Big Berthas. These large trucks take a lot of damage to stop and can run over players, killing them instantly. They have become so popular that some matches are ending with three, four, or even five trucks hauling around.


As spotted by Eurogamer, Warzone’s meta has become heavily skewed towards players driving around in big, hard to destroy trucks. While these trucks aren’t new and players have been using them for months, things recently seem to be getting out of hand.

Players are complaining about solo matches almost always ending with at least a few Big Berthas rolling around. Others point out that at the start of most matches you’ll see players parachuting straight towards one of these big, powerful trucks. Because the trucks aren’t too hard to find and can be used as portable cover, they’ve become a popular way to survive early game too.

While it is possible to stop one of these things, it requires some explosives, a lot of ammo, or a really lucky and skilled sniper shot. Blowing up or destroying one of these trucks is doable for most experienced Warzone players. But when four of these bad boys come rolling towards you, it’s hard to have the recourses or the time to stop them before you get turned into Sailcat.

As with any tactic as annoying and silly as this, some players are calling on Activision and Raven Software to nerf the trucks or remove them completely from solo matches. Though other players are happy being truckers in Call of Duty, creating convoys and crashing gates at 98.

I say, let them truckers roll, 10-4.

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Coming at this from the perspective of someone who hasn’t played the game, it sounds like maybe the maps don’t have enough areas where these trucks can’t easily travel (close quarters areas like urban streets and alleys, open terrain that is navigable on foot but too rocky or uneven for vehicles, etc).

It’s realistic for large armored trucks to be dangerous military vehicles in open ground where they can move freely, but at the same time they should also have to contend with closed in areas where their size becomes a liability, leaving them unable to maneuver and turning them into sitting ducks.

Addendum: I watched the video above, and I have to say, those trucks look way too nimble. If they were changed to be slower to turn, slower to accelerate, took longer to get into and out of, etc, that might help a lot. A big armored truck should offer a lot of protection, but it also should steer like a cow and have a bunch of inertia to overcome.