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Call Of Duty Warzone Gets Surprise Changes, Modern Warfare Gets New Maps

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Call of Duty’s Season Two Reloaded update was released for Warzone today. In a weird turn of events, 2019’s Modern Warfare received the better part of the update, leaving many players upset.

Players knew most of what was coming to Cold War this week and beyond from the Season Two Reloaded roadmap. On the Warzone side, all we really knew was a huge update was dropping today, which would reduce the overall file size after downloading. Players were hopeful that Warzone’s big update would include a weapon tuning pass similar to what Black Ops Cold War received yesterday. Guns like Cold War’s FFAR 1 assault rifle are still pretty powerful in Warzone, and players were hoping to shake up the meta with some weapon balancing. Instead, only one gun received an adjustment, and two wildly powerful additions were added to the battle royale.


The first new addition is the very lethal Bombardment killstreak, which is obtained from the newly-activated Containment Monitor Stations that can be found in select areas across the map. Bombardment is a very deadly streak, but it’s not very easy to obtain; this isn’t ground loot or found in loot chests. Players must start a zombie killing event at one of the outbreak areas on the map, then kill all the zombies that spawn to get a yellow access card. The access card opens a special chest, which contains yet another access card, the Protocol Access Card. This second card will give access to the Bombardment killstreak, a heavy barrage of missiles that strikes the outbreak area of the map and seems to last much longer than the game’s existing Cluster Strike killstreak. Having something like this for a final circle could be devastating.

The Containment Monitor Stations also now offer the purchase of the Foresight equipment. This piece of equipment costs $20,000 to purchase, but gives players the advantage of seeing where each circle will move for the remainder of the match. Foresight was originally introduced to Warzone last year, but it was not well-received and was eventually removed from the game. A squad who gears up at one of the Containment Monitors could prove to be an overpowered threat, assuming they killed all the zombies and scrounge up enough cash to acquire both the Bombardment killstreak and purchase Foresight.


Even more shocking than the overpowered additions to Warzone is the quiet release of new content to the old and almost forgotten Modern Warfare game. Three maps were added to Modern Warfare without any mention.

“Al-Raab Airbase” is a brand new 6v6 map, “Drainage” is a new 2v2 Gunfight map, and the return of “Killhouse” a fan favorite map from 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The addition of a map like Killhouse is something you’d think the developers would want to hype players up for, but instead it was just silently added into the game. Killhouse even received it’s very own 24/7 playlist.


Some players are upset that 2019’s Modern Warfare received more love than Warzone. Others are worried that it will make final circles harder to survive, assuming squads will be landing at the outbreak locations and gearing up with the overpowered new items.

It’s weird these additions were slipped in without any mention from the developers. My hope is that these changes are part of whatever surprises could be coming for whatever big zombie nuke event hopefully devastates Warzone’s map. Players have been randomly receiving messages on their HUDs that warn “Alert: Containment Protocol Level 1 active. Please take shelter immediately.” During this time, players are also reporting seeing missiles flying over the map. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if any substantial weapon tuning happens before Warzone’s Verdansk map goes kablooey.


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