Call of Duty "Hacker" Jailed for Spreading Virus, Stealing Credit Card Numbers, Being a Thug

Illustration for article titled emCall of Duty/em Hacker Jailed for Spreading Virus, Stealing Credit Card Numbers, Being a Thug

Englishman Lewys Martin thought it would be a good idea to to offer people "hacks" for Call of Duty Games, which not only broke the rules of the game, but also included a virus.

No, Lewys, it was not a good idea, especially since it's now got you some jail time.

Martin, who is only 20, earned "thousands of pounds" operating a website offering exploits for unspecified Call of Duty shooters on the PC, while at the same time including a trojan horse with the program that let him "remotely monitor computer users' keystrokes" so he could snatch things like credit card info.


He'd then sell the stolen credit card numbers for a few bucks a pop.

Here's where it gets really interesting: Martin wasn't caught in the act of selling these dodgy hacks. He was caught with a friend while they were breaking into a school, something he's apparently done a number of times.

So, to recap: he broke the rules of the game, offered others the means to do so, stole their credit card numbers, sold those numbers to shady crims then was himself engaged in repeated break-ins and thefts.

Farcically, he has pleaded with the judge to let him finish a university IT course he's currently enrolled in, "which would allow him to harness his abilities for good and not evil".


Um, no, he's spending 18 months in jail instead.

Hacker Lewys Martin uses Call of Duty virus to sell players' card details [Kent Online, via Eurogamer]

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How ironic.

*I don't think I used that right, but you get what Im saying*