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Call of Duty: Ghosts Gives You a Dog, Customizable Multiplayer Avatars

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You’ll have a dog in the next Call of Duty. You’ll be able to lean. You’ll be able to slide. And in multiplayer, you’ll be able to customize your character's avatar, switching bodies, heads and more.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is making its public debut today as part of the reveal of the new Xbox, but don’t let the game’s good graphics distract you completely. The new graphics engine running CoDG isn’t the only big change.


At an advance preview for Ghosts last week, reps from the Activision-owned studio Infinity Ward began sharing details for their new game, the November-scheduled Call of Duty that, had they kept the numbering, would be Call of Duty 10.


Ghosts will be a game running in a new engine, in a “new world”, though don’t worry. We’re not going to Mars. At least, not that they’ve shown yet. Ghosts is set in modern day, at least initially, in a United States that has been attacked. Previous games let us be a superpower, the IW folks said. This first-person shooter pits us as the underdog.

Apparently, this underdog has a dog. Infinity Ward is giving players a specially-trained, mo-capped military attack dog. We fight for him. He fights for us (sorry, nothing more specific regarding controls, or how much it can be commanded).

Players will also be able to lean and slide in the interest, the developers say, of giving players smoother motion through their game world. The lack of lean in earlier Call of Duty games has been controversial among the player base, some of whom wanted that feature added to match other shooters.


Infinity Ward is promising a 60 frames-per-second experience for what should be a slick and attractively detailed game. Some in-game flythroughs showed a lush jungle and a detailed riverbed. They look good, though players of high-end PC games will probably see in Ghosts’ next-gen graphics a level of visual fidelity they’re already used to. IW is proud of their new engine, hyping its higher polygon counts, tech for smoothing curves, making flat surfaces look bumpier than ever (should they need to look bumpy, of course!).

What good are graphics for gameplay? That’s up to debate, but other engine accomplishments: smarter artificial intelligence of ambient life like the scurrying fish that get out of the player in an underwater level and “interactive smoke” promise to be more meaningful to the dynamism of the game.


“This is not tech for tech’s sake,” says IW executive producer Mark Rubin .


Ghosts will have multiplayer, of course. That’s probably why most people will buy it. Details are slim, though IW is promising that maps will be more dynamic, with events like floods changing a level mid-session. They plan to give players access to trigger-able traps and events, like the rolling of a bunch of logs onto an enemy. Players will be able to customize their multiplayer character, changing their heads, bodies and more.

We’ll have more on the game in the days and months to come.

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