UAVs are seriously effective tactical equipment in Call of Duty: Pop one and enemies, players or bots, will light up on your map. PvP in DMZ is often a game of cat and mouse. It’s what makes the mode so exciting. Yes, you can acquire a UAV as loot in the game, but you have to put in time and effort (or get lucky) to acquire one. Now, it looks like some will just be able to spend money to get a new skin and always be guaranteed a UAV.


Other possible premium skin bonuses include a free two-plate armor vest on deployment (starting from scratch only gives you one plate).

The DMZ community, understandably, is not happy about this. Warzone 2.0 in general has had a bit of a rough time, with diminishing player numbers and frustrations over changes to how the game felt in the first iteration. Inserting literal opportunities for folks to buy their way into greater power in a niche mode like DMZ probably isn’t the best way to keep folks eager to continue playing.