Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s next zombies map has a dragon. Not a wall dragon, but an actual flying dragon. It also looks like the Ray Gun Mark 3 will finally make an appearance. The “Descent” DLC hits PS4 first on July 12. Might be time to dust off my zombie-killing boots and give this one a go.


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I don’t care if it’s the stupidest fucking thing ever, I just LOVE this shit :D.

It feels like the Zombie modes mostly exist as a cathartic release for the developers, at least the Treyarch made ones. “Okay, yeah, we’ve got to do this same old same old campaign with similar beats and maybe a few decent twists if we can fit them in... AND THEN WE GET TO DO WHATEVER THE HELL SETTING AND CRAZY GUNS WE WANT IN THE ZOMBIE MODE OOOH DRAGONS LETS DO DRAGONS THIS TIME GUYS!”