PC gamers who felt burned by the decision to drop dedicated server support for Modern Warfare 2 may have a friend in that other Call of Duty developer Treyarch. The developer all but confirms dedicated server multiplayer in Black Ops.

Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia tells CVG that dedicated servers are "excellent" and that the Call of Duty: Black Ops team is "excited about what we're doing right now."

If that doesn't quite sound like solid, undeniable confirmation to you, maybe this will make you feel a tad better. Lamia says that Treyarch is working to "reconcile" the needs of those who want to play on dedicated servers and those who want a more console-like multiplayer experience.

"We're working very hard to marry those two things, so people can run dedicated servers and also participate in the communal experience the console players get to have, given they're all on first-party servers," he says.


So... yay?

CoD: Black Ops dedicated servers confirmed [CVG]