Call of Duty 4 multiplayer is great. Even a year after the Infinity Ward-developed game's release, it's online play is still very popular on Xbox LIVE. So the developer of the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War (AKA CoD 5), Treyarch, had a tall order when creating the multiplayer for World at War. Noah Heller, Senior Producer at Activision, sizes up the situation and how it went down:

We sat down and we said CoD4 multiplayer is sterling, it's a wonderful experience, and we said, 'what can we add to it?', and the list is really long. It's a lot of different weapons, it's keeping some of the perks but renaming some perks but doing lots of new perks, it's different weapons and different attachments for every different race, different types of grenades, bringing back game modes that people liked from previous Call of Duties, like War, adding in tanks, adding in the ability to revive, giving you a reward when you Prestige, raising the level cap to 65 and doing a lot of different things at different levels, adding in some new kind of spoiler gameplay like nerve gas and signal flares and stuff like that, adding a squad mode, so now you can choose to be a squad leader and set a waypoint on your map that everyone can go to, and the kill streaks of course, lots of these little tweaks add up to something which feels like Call of Duty but I think it also feels like something new and different... I think it feels much better than any Call of Duty I've had a chance to play. CoD4 is great multiplayer. CoD: World at War is its own new multiplayer and I think fans will really enjoy both.

Call of Duty 4 set a high bar that must be daunting for Treyarch. Even if the developer gets close and fails, World at War should turn out a-okay. CoD: World at War Interview [VideoGamer]